Professional Investigation & Litigation Support Services


Litigation Support Services

Service of Process, Locating & Pre-Screening Experts, Jury Misconduct, Trial Prep, Testifying, Document Retrieval, Mitigation at Sentencing and Evidence Inspections

Ruffo EspinosaService of Process
We are registered process servers in Los Angeles County and have skill and experience with difficult serves such has hard to locate, high profile and evaders of service.

Locating and Pre-Screening Expert Witness
Locating an expert can be a tedious process. Therefore, we offer assistance locating and prescreening them.

Jury Misconduct
Locating and contacting jurors to determine if any misconduct occurred and to discover factors which lead to the decision making process.

Trial Preparation
Serving trial subpoenas, securing witnesses attendance at trial, witness preparation, evidence and document review.

Testifying at Trial
We have testified at trial, sat on trials, and provided assistance with witness lists, witness questioning and evidence production.

Document Retrieval
We retrieve records from all courts, county recorders offices, police departments, coroners offices, district attorneys offices and other public agencies throughout Southern California and can contract associates to pull information outside of the area.

Mitigation at Sentencing
We conduct research and compile information in order to assist with death penalty hearings or in an effort to mitigate their sentence.

Evidence Inspections
We attend evidence inspections to carefully examine, take photographs, catalog evidence, prepare reports, and serve as a witness.