Professional Investigation & Litigation Support Services


Civil & Criminal Investigation

Witness Locates, Witness Interviews, Witness Declarations, Background Research and Video Surveillance

Ruffo EspinosaWitness Locates
We locate individuals by utilizing our superior databases and test proven skip-tracing techniques. We not only provide you with a current address of the subject but also verify that the information is correct in order to ensure proper service or personal contact.

Witness Interviews
We personally contact and interview witnesses. Our interviews are thorough, covering all legal elements and possible defenses. Our report writing is clear, accurate and comprehensive. We are able to conduct interviews in Spanish if required.

Witness Declarations
We can draft and secure witness statements in a signed declaration. We are also able to prepare Spanish translated declarations for their signature in order to ensure accuracy of that witnesses statement.

Background Research
We provide you with a report of an individual’s history. This could include an individual’s past residences, employment history, criminal history, history civil lawsuits, possible relatives, possible associates, general character and reputation of a litigant defendant.

Video Surveillance
We provide evidence though video surveillance, time logs and accompanying surveillance reports.